Dear Sirs

Ultrasonography (USG) examinations are among the safest and the least traumatic for patients in the diagnostic imaging. They are commonly performed by the physicians of different specialities, also these who did not use it few years ago (for example pulmonologists, dermatologists). Ultrasonography examinations are also increasingly performed by the other medical staff: radiographers, nurses, lifequards, midwives, physioterapists. The skill of doing and reading ultrasonography images is wanted among younger and younger medical staff, as well as between medical students.

In front of increasing interest at ultrasonography, Podlaska Szkoła Ultrasonografii offers courses/training in ultrasonography for doctors, radiographers, nurses, lifeguards, midwives, physiotherapist, students.

Lecturers and trainers of Podlaska Szkoła Ultrasonografii have many years of experience in teaching ultrasonography as well as practicing ultrasonography.

I kindly invite for training ultrasonography with Podlaska Szkoła Ultrasonografii.

Yours sincerely

Dr hab. n. med. Andrzej Ustymowicz

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